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Umbrella’s ‘go-to’ sources for print design inspiration

Umbrella’s ‘go-to’ sources for print design inspiration

The creative industry moves fast. It’s vital not to get left behind in such a constantly changing and dynamic space.

Because we know how important it is to be at the forefront of innovation and originality, we are presenting you with a handy guide to some of our favourite and most used creative sources of inspiration. Welcome to your new print design bible.  

Design Week

Design Week, first published all the way back in 1986, is still our number one ‘go-to’ place for the ultimate inspiration, thanks to its consistency in providing informative insights and updates. Design Week, now a digital only publication, features design news from a number of areas, ranging from branding and packaging to graphics; including all the need-to-knows and current happenings across the creative industry, so you never miss a beat.

Creative Review

A familiar favourite and a one-stop source for print design inspiration, focussing on bringing the creative community together. In print and online, Creative Review explores opinions and gives in-detail analysis in order to deliver insight and inspiration for when the creative flow is running low. By investigating and celebrating current work in the industry, this is your space to understand what’s on trend, what’s worked well for others recently and motivate you ahead of your next project.


A bank of design goodness, Frieze is an editorial-style outlet that discusses opinions and perspectives on a broad range of fairs, displays and exhibitions from around the globe in order to get those creative juices flowing. It includes alternative, interesting features that will have you thinking above and beyond. 

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq literally has a section called ‘inspiration’ to overcome, well, what it infers in the title – a creative block. From the latest updates, ‘how to’s’, buying guides and reviews, Creative Bloq provides you with all the tools you need to confront any quandaries around creative print design.  Browse through its pages until you find the gold dust you’re after.

It’s Nice That

A collective space of the most exciting and engaging work in the industry to inspire print design. Championing inventiveness, It’s Nice That exists to allow creativity to thrive and covers all categories of the industry from art, to graphic design and sculptures. Let your creative ideas run wild with inspiration from this website.

Design Milk

Design Milk is blog that centres itself around modern and contemporary creativity. Its pages offer a remarkable amount of inspiration which you can implement into your own campaigns. Enjoy clicking through the endless pages of architecture, art, interior, home, style plus all other elements of design in between.  


There you have it. We hope this short guide is one which you can revert back to time and time again, providing you with useful insight for when you’re next searching for inspiration.