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Our Long Term Love Affair with Print: Why we believe print is ‘pure’ brand genius

Our Long Term Love Affair with Print: Why we believe print is ‘pure’ brand genius

There’s no doubt that we are living in a truly digital age of the fully informed. We constantly graze on information and are bombarded with media and marketing throughout each day. Recent surveys have shown that the typical adult’s daily media consumption is 9.8 hours and it’s estimated that we could be exposed to up to 5,000 media messages a day. With all this in mind, the primary focus of brands is to stand out and engage with their chosen audience. But just how do you rise above the racket and be the loudest voice in a media riot? In the marketing scrum, sometimes it’s best to step away and leave the grappling to the competition.

That’s why we believe print is as relevant today as it’s always been. It’s a consistent entity in a constantly shifting world. It provides an antithesis to the instant gratification and quick fix culture we live in. It’s tangible, touchable and above all, it invites true engagement, not just a fleeting moment. Studies have repeatedly shown that people are far more likely to actually read printed material over digital and, more importantly, they are more inclined to believe the content. It’s trustworthy. And trust is the heart and soul of brand engagement. 

It’s our job to utilise this purity of print in a way that creates excitement and a level of expectation in our client’s customers to deliver a true brand experience and purity of message that digital just can’t compare to. There’s nothing like a beautiful piece of print to quicken the pulse, dilate the pupils and, here’s the beauty of it, create lasting and prolonged and extended engagement. We have a bit of a print mantra here, we want to make things that are ‘unthrowawayable’. Ok, it’s not that catchy, but it summarises how we approach our work. 

In terms of consumer engagement, our product isn’t instant grat, it’s the ‘real thing’. We’re looking for a meaningful relationship based on trust and respect. If you’re looking for a marketing fling, swipe left.