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Environmentally Friendly Print - With Impact

Environmentally Friendly Print  - With Impact

As a European leader in print management it’s our job to know the print industry inside out, but we are constantly kept on our toes as the world of commercial print is always on the move. The industry is intuitive and reactive, it understands that fast-paced businesses require intelligent print solutions that can adapt and evolve with their ever-changing business needs and considerations. This contributes to the exciting and heady pace with which print technology moves. 

Increasing concerns about environmental impact continue to push innovative, environmentally friendly print techniques as companies strive to tackle the issue. As the demand for environmentally friendly printing grows, so too do the technologies and methods involved.

With a passion for print and a head for our clients’ business, we keep an ever-present eye on advancing technologies - so we are always one step ahead when it comes to providing the most relevant print options. If, like many businesses, you’re currently looking for an environmentally friendly option for your next print job, these green Umbrella Print Media nuggets might just help.


Ink is the blood that runs through the veins of print and more and more printing companies are offering options to give them the environmental edge.

Conventional oil inks are petroleum-based, which makes them non-renewable - they are also often poorly disposed of. In comparison, soy and other vegetable-based inks can provide an excellent quality print and are less harmful to the environment. Vegetable inks use natural oils to act as the vehicle for the ink pigment and, as a result, have much lower rates of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are emitted during the ink drying process. Vegetable oils are made from renewable resources, which also allows the inks to be removed from waste paper more easily during the de-inking process in comparison to their petroleum-based counterparts.


Paper is a major consideration when planning any print job. The right stock can have as much impact on the final product as the ink and design, and it gives print the fabulous ‘feelability’ factor!

If you’re concerned about the impact your paper choices have on the environment, there are a host of speciality papers that use environmentally friendly processes and materials to consider. Papers sourced from sustainable forests or made from recycled materials, for example.

There’s an eye-popping variety of environmentally friendly paper options which mean you won’t have to settle on something you don’t love. Constant improvements in the production of recycled paper means that quality and performance are not compromised and some people even prefer to work with recycled stock due to the way it looks, feels and holds ink.

Choosing to use recycled paper will:

  1. Reduce landfill: it might sound obvious but using recycled paper reduces the amount of waste paper entering landfill sites.
  2. Place less strain on global forest resources: although forests are becoming increasingly more sustainably managed, there is still a need to reduce waste. Paper recycling reduces the amount of wood pulp required and therefore optimises the use of a valuable material. 
  3. Continue demand: the more recycled stock is used, the more it pushes paper producers to find new and increasingly advanced methods of paper production.    

At Umbrella Print Media we’re big on printing, any printing. We pride ourselves on our ability to give you honest, innovative printing solutions whatever your requirements. We are always pleased to see new options for environmentally friendly print and it makes us feel good inside to know that it’s possible to find print that colours your world, without damaging it.