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5 things to consider when hiring a print management company

5 things to consider when hiring a print management company

We’ve discussed why a print management company is always a good choice in our last blog post, but next comes a harder decision… picking your print management company! It is a tough call as, after all, you’re entrusting them with your brand.

To help you we’ve devised a list of five things to consider when hiring a print management company.

1 - Quality

Every piece of printing is an investment for you and your business, so quality is of high importance. We live in a world where printed material is a statement piece, so make sure it wows! Ask your print management company to provide you with samples of their work and accept nothing less than perfection.

Here at Umbrella Print Media our team is with you every step of the way. From start to finish, we’re working with you to ensure everything runs smoothly and the quality at the end is truly breathtaking. Rest assured that we’ll be on the floor at the printers, checking that your printing comes out looking perfect.

2 - Security

Security for a business is a real concern. Whether it's personal details included in a direct mailing list, secure barcodes on gift-cards, or a new product release that needs to be kept under wraps before its launch, security of your information is paramount. Make sure your print management company has robust procedures in place to prevent any security breaches. References from other clients can be invaluable in ensuring your data stays secure.
As a leader in print management we deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies, ensuring that the end result meets their requirement, and that includes data security. With our wide range of partners across the globe, we can ensure your data is always kept in the safest hands.

3 - Continuity

Continuity in print management is something of cardinal importance. You must ensure that your print management company is capable of keeping a professional level of continuity across your organisation’s prints, even if the material or shape of the print changes.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and the fact that no corner is cut when it comes to perfecting your prints, no amount of detail is too much. We know the perfect printers to utilise in order to meet the specific requirements of your project.

4 - Scalability

Your business will grow, so ensuring your printer can scale with you is important when searching for a print management company. Track record is a good indicator here, so don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials and references from both big and small clients. There is no situation where a print environment remains stagnant while a company grows and expands. New workers, new offices, new demands all combine together to make for a more convoluted setup.

We appreciate this concern and we are readily available to deal with it. The unique aspect of our company which we feel sets us apart is that we know exactly how to deal with the specific amount of printing that you need. Whether it’s a small bespoke run or a large repeat order, to us nothing is more important than your printing.

5 - Innovation

Innovation is essential. If a print management company is unable to think about, and improve upon concepts that a client throws their way, they simply are not performing their job correctly. Doing the bare minimum, not going the extra mile, not pushing the boat out with respect to the client’s needs is not enough. You should search for those that take an extra step to ensure repeat business.

With over 120 years’ experience in the print management scene, printing is our passion. We’ll never stay silent if we find better or more economical ways of meeting your brief. At Umbrella Print Media, we want every job we work on for clients to be the main focus of our work. We thrive off repeat business, and aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction, leaving our clients overjoyed with our work, and feeling positive about print.